Writing is a Nightmare

On 2014-04-16 by Karen M. Dillon


Not much of a blog person, truth be told my life isn’t interesting enough for me to have anything to blog about. But I’ve been told it’s something that I should get into the habit of doing so I’m going to make an effort to ramble on about something at least once a month.

So here you go, my first blog entry… isn’t this exciting? <insert sarcasm here>


6th April 2014


Writing is a Nightmare

I’m not like most people who write stories. Which could be a good thing, but personally I don’t think it is. I don’t write because I want to, which is the reason why most writers write. Not me though, I write simply because I have to. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like there’s a gun to my head and a guy in a mask telling me if I don’t write he’ll paint my walls with my brain or anything. It’s just that I get a lot of jumbles in my head. Sometimes I walk down the road and I see a person an within a few seconds my brain has come up with a whole possible life story for that person. I see a building and think of all the things that might have happened there. I see a dark corner and I imagine what might be hiding there. I see smudges on the ground and come up with thousands of very unlikely reasons as to why they’re there.

That’s what I mean when I say that I have to write. It’s not really a choice. I’ve got all of these jumbles and ideas floating around my head and the only way to keep myself sane is to knock some of those ideas out of my head to make room for the incoming ones. And the only way I’ve even been able to successfully forget about something I’ve randomly come up with is by writing it down.

Which is extremely time consuming and such a nightmare. Especially when I’m trying to convey what’s in my head in the most accurate way I possibly can but most of the time what I’m trying to say gets lost in translation meaning I end up having to do it again and again. And read the story and edit the story then rewrite the story then read it again.

Writing a book is only about 10% actually writing the story.

The other 90% is split between editing and rewriting.

It’s things like this that makes me wish I had other hobbies.


<3 Karen




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