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For information on my books, have a wander through the site, you’ll find info on the books and where to find them. For information on me, well, there’s an official bio somewhere, but here’s the jist of it:

I live in Ireland where I have since the day I was spawned. I like many things, such as; loud music, anime, things that are red, pretty flowers, twirly skirts, chocolate brownies, pepperoni pizza and running around for no apparent reason.

The most frequent thought I have is ‘What would life be like if I was a cartoon?’

If I had all the time in the world, and the funds to not have to do other things, I would spend all of my time searching for RL supernatural creatures. Instead, I sulk and write stories about things I can’t find. (My life is so depressing sometimes)

I write mainly because I have many voices in my head, and instead of seeing a doctor, I name them and call them my ‘characters’. Anything you really want to know about my personality or whatever you can probably gauge from my writing.

FYI: I’m random when I write as me, my books are written a lot better. I’m also perfecting a plan for world domination. . . Mwahahahahahahaha!!! <- this is my evil Princess of the Damned/Mistress of the Universe laugh.

. . This is my partner in crime/The Evil Bunny/Bunny/Bob



I’m helping him to take over the internet by hypnotising people with his cute and fluffiness.

I like to read paranormal/supernatural/fantasy, usually YA but not exclusively. And I write in the same genres I read.

I enjoy vampires and faeries more than most other supernatural beings. The right kinds though, the kind of vampires who kill people and the traditional kind of faeries (not the Tinkerbell kind, the kind who are the ancient Celtic gods, who would gouge your eyes out just because they didn’t like the fact that you looked at them)

I don’t believe in Sundays.

I like characters to have to earn a happy ending. If I don’t think they deserve it I will be disappointed if they don’t die in the end. Which is why I always make an effort to make my characters earn it, or to have big consequences for their actions. The kind that they may or may not survive.

For those of you who are still reeling from the whole ‘voices’ thing: Yes, my characters talk inside my head, and sometimes they even talk to each other, having secret conversations and really loud arguments when they think I’m not listening. (The biggest culprits are Salim & Kristina, who need to keep it down before they wake Ayden)

And yes, I am aware that I’m: weird/insane/crazy and other variations of those words, I’ve been told before. But one day I’ll become Princess of the Damned/Mistress of the Universe. . . and then we’ll see who’s insane!

Also, I’m not really a skeleton (the picture just makes it look like I might be due to the facepaint) and the M. stands for Maria, which is one of my middle names.

Hugs and kisses from Karen <3

PSS. If I had to chose my favourite character from everything I’ve ever written it would be Jack. For many reasons, most of which are because he’s awesome. But I can’t explain how, because, well, spoilers.



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