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‘’Josh Brookes first began his career in writing at the age of 4 with the many stories he based on Pokémon and dragons, developed his skills at 10 with attempts at high fantasy, and currently (at an age much older than 10 plus 4) writes urban fantasy, not based on Pokémon or Lord of the Rings.

His first book, Daemnos, was published in 2015, and is the first in the Demon Souls series, which consists of a planned 6 books.”

^That was what Josh had as his ‘About the Author’ stuff on his old website. But I don’t think it really gives a lot of info about him. So here’s some things you need to know.

Josh used to be English, from the part where they have boats and the Titanic was . . . but then I decided to claim him for Ireland.

He is an absolute weirdo (much like myself) and his favourite animals are either horses, foxes, wolves or tortoises (depending on whatever mood he’s in at that particular moment!)

He reads a lot of books, and if I had to guess (which I probably shouldn’t, because I should definitely know this), his favourite books of all time is the Lost Fleet series. 

He also likes a lot of sci-fi things (Star Trek (only the new films though), Halo, Destiny, Lost Fleet series and basically anything Alien related (the films though . . . and also other films with aliens)). But he’s very insistent on the fact that he’s totally not into sci-fi (but he’s the purveyor of lies, so you can’t really believe a thing he says).

He doesn’t like twirly dresses as much as I do, because he’s never found one comfortable enough to Xbox in, but he loves chocolate WAY more than me. Like I’m not even joking, he has an actual chocolate addiction . . . we had to cut him off due to the chronic chocolate induced chest pains.

Other things Josh loves are dinosaurs (even if he can’t accept the fact that they breathed fire—as my photographic evidence below PROVES!) and also dragons (which he believes can breathe fire).

*actual photo of a child on the back of a fire breathing dinosaur – picture by Karen Dillon, age 5*

And, oh yeah, he also writes some books which are actually pretty good. And I’m not just saying that . . . they are really good. WAY better than mine because his have actual plot lines and stuff.

Anyway, that’s some info on Josh. Have a wander around the site for a bit and discover some fabulous things about his fabulous books!

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