Immortal Souls Chapter 17: Excerpt

On 2014-04-16 by Karen M. Dillon


An excerpt from Immortal Souls Chapter 17 (It’s what the words in the header say in case anyone was wondering(the old header for those of you who notice that there isn’t one anymore))


Glittering beams of purple Magic latched onto the bare light bulb that hung from the ceiling in the centre of the basement. The Magic burrowed its way inside the bulb, lending it power so it could illuminate the room.

The bulb flickered a little, then slowly began to switch itself on. Sam smiled to herself as the basement lit up in a pale orange glow, but jumped as she saw something move in her peripheral vision. Before the light had a chance to reach its brightest, allowing her to see what was moving, something that appeared to be a shadow jumped on the bulb and sucked all of the light from it.

Sam looked on as the room was once again plunged into darkness.

Fuck it, Sam thought. She allowed her energy to build up in the palms of her hands, feeling the electrical surge run through her veins as her Power manifested, then—with a flick of her wrist—she sent glittering raindrops of Magic into the air. The room filled with pink and purple lights that hovered in the air above her. With a steady source of light, the room looked less terrifying, but Sam had the same feeling she had when it was dark.

The feeling of wrong.

Of dread.

Of fear.

And fear was one of those things that Sam didn’t generally feel.

On the far end of the room she saw a little metal box on the wall. She ran to it, prised it open, then flicked the main switch. The lights immediately switched back on and Sam’s Magic lights dissipated.

“Sam?” A voice sounded from behind her.

Without wasting a moment in thought, Sam struck out at the person behind her. She tripped him up; he landed with a thump on the ground. Sam placed a knee on his chest to keep him there.

“What are you doing down here?” Sam asked accusingly. Curiosity was no excuse for wandering in dangerous places.

Dangerous? Sam asked herself. When did basements make the list of dangerous things to stay away from?

Jamie stared up at her in astonishment, as if he couldn’t believe what had just happened. “Uh, I was upstairs, and no one was there . . . and the door was opened . . . and—” Jamie looked at the ceiling, his brow furrowed in confusion. “Did you see that?” Sam ignored him. Instead she looked around the room and realised that’s exactly what this place was.


That was the first time she noticed that there was a cluster of darkness in every corner of the room, and the more she watched it the more it seemed to be building up in size.

Building for what? Sam wondered, and there it was again.


Suddenly the thought struck her, They’re not shadows at all. Sam stood, quickly scrambling to her feet. “Get up,” she ordered. Her voice sounding shrill and panicked.

“What? What’s—”

“Get up now!” Sam cried. The shadows were building in every corner of the room, seeping from the spaces between each brick on the wall, edging around the room.

Blocking off the exits.

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