Typos… typical.

On 2014-07-10 by Karen M. Dillon

Not having an editorial team has it’s downfalls.
…today I was informed (by family members who have just started reading the book) of 4 typos in the book… at least that’s what they’ve found so far (oh God).

Okay, typos suck, but at least the ones they’ve found weren’t anything major. Just mistyped letters… like do instead of to.

That small stuff I can live with I suppose.

I’m only human after all, I’m not going to catch everything.

I tried, and, as far as I’m concerned, both me and Josh did an amazing job on the editing. Especially considering the fact that neither of us are professional editors and had read the book over a bazillion times each. We got most of them, and maybe with the next one we’ll manage to get them all.

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