The Day the Website Exploded

On 2014-04-21 by Karen M. Dillon


21st April 2014


Okay… so at some point last week I may have accidentally broken the website. I wasn’t that upset though, since the moment I started this site I knew that breaking it was an eventuality, not just a remote possibility, but it was definitely bound to happen.

I tried to mess around with my theme, I can’t remember what I was trying to do, I mean it was a week ago, that’s centuries in Karen time, and who remembers what happened centuries ago off the top of their heads anyways?

So I was trying to do something to the theme that involved me adding in some code to the codey thing (can’t remember what it’s called right now, you know what I mean though, it’s all that stuff that contains a lot of these <> and says stuff that makes you think what the F**K does that mean? when you look at it. That’s the stuff I was adding to)

So I was adding to the code and then I pressed update, making the changes happen, then all of a sudden…

White screen.

Words saying that an error had occurred.

Basically meaning the code had confused the little robots who make the website run making them all explode and thus exploding the website.

Meaning I had to spend an hour completely deleting everything and re–uploading from scratch ‘cause I didn’t have a back up of the website.

Why don’t I have a back up of the site when I knew its demise was impending you ask?

Well, that’s a good question. The answer being that I like to be hopeful and deny the inevitable by not having a backup on hand. ‘Cause having a backup will just make me feel like failure is an option. Which it is, it’s always an option, but like I said, I remained hopeful. And I also have a webhoster who does an automatic backup for me every few weeks.

Why didn’t I call them for the backup you ask?

Another good question.

Basically I didn’t call them for the backup because they’re all the way over there… and my phone was all the way over there. And I was cosy where I was and I’m lazy. So I fixed the website in the more time consuming way. :p

Anyways, just rambling on about this ‘cause I wanted people to know that I haven’t just started the site five days ago, not that anyone except me comes on here. It was for my own peace of mind I guess.

Moral of the ramble: Always back your stuff up (Unless there’s something behind you, then you should probably just go forward.)




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