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On 2015-03-28 by Karen M. Dillon

Okay, so I’ve read a hell of a lot of books and I’ve written a ton of reviews for them, however, these reviews live only on my computer where they will not ever see the light of day.

I like to think I’m a fair reviewer and that I have the right to say why I didn’t like something or why I believed something wasn’t good. And while I write the reviews I try to say the bad stuff in the kindest way possible.

And then I don’t post them, because I write books too, and I guess I’m a little paranoid that people (ie fans of books I didn’t like and gave negative reviews to, or the authors of those books) will come back to my books and say bad things for the sake of revenge.

I honestly don’t care if people hate my books I fully expect that most people will and get genuinely surprised when people tell me they liked it. (Because obviously anyone who says they like it is lying to spare my feelings) I have no problem with people writing a review with a list of all the things I did wrong. I respect people’s right to shine a light on the negative things. I am, however, not okay with people giving 1 star and one line/paragraph reviews saying: This book is awful. This writer is horrible! Don’t read/buy this ever! Etc. Etc.

That’s not a review.

A review contains information on why it wasn’t good. Anything without reasons is just spam and trolling. If people hate my books I would like to know why, otherwise I won’t know what to do better in the future. It’s that simple.

I would never leave a short review for a book. I always put in what I did/didn’t like about the plot, characters, writing etc. And I would fully expect to receive the same in return, even if it’s 1 star stating all the many things that are wrong (and I do know there are a few, but it was my first book… show some understanding!)

Problem is, I don’t trust the internet and like 65% of the people on there, so I don’t post my reviews online, even though I desperately want to.

Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to do it, but for now I’ll just continue to write to myself.

That’s all ‘til next month!



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