The Immortal Souls

On April 16, 2014 by Karen M. Dillon

by Karen M. Dillon:

The Immortal Souls is the first of my books. In total I spent about 6 years of my life working on just the first one. Over the course of those 6 years what started out as just one story, soon expanded into a more detailed and expansive universe.

In total there are a planned 8 main books in the series (at least there’s 8 books for now, that number could go up or down depending on how it plays out in the future)

The series itself is split into 3 story arcs, all books within these story arcs are or will be published under a subheading as listed below.

The recommended reading order of the books (in order to make the most sense out of the overall story) is:

  1. Magic & Chaos
  2. Light & Darkness
  3. Phoenix Rising

I hope to get the series done completely in the next 2-3 years (fingers crossed that all goes to plan)

Anyways, listed below is each of the books in the series (including covers for those not yet available). So far books 1, 2 & 3 of series are complete and available to purchase through major online retailers.

If everything goes to plan book 4 will be done soon enough. Book 1 (Immortal Souls) is also available in its entirety on my Wattpad account and it’s also available for free download here.


M A G I C  &  C H A O S : (click the title for info)

01TIMSGuardian Vampire - 2nd Edition (2016) Demonic Recruit - (TBR)Midnight Hour - (TBR) 05TIMS


















L I G H T  &  D A R K N E S S :










P H O E N I X  R I S I N G :



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