The First Annoyance of 2016

On 2016-02-14 by Karen M. Dillon

People have been annoying the hell out of me lately.

Over the past few months there has been a huge increase in campaigning for people who are ‘Pro-Life’ (I have this in inverted commas because they’re only pro for certain kinds of life) and those who want to Repeal the 8th (the people who are Pro-Choice).

Campaigning to repeal the 8th (the 8th being the eight amendment to the Irish Constitution which implemented a ban on abortion) is not a new thing; I’ve seen groups of women in town for as long as I’ve been allowed in town who have been campaigning for that. However, over the past year or so there seems to be a huge increase in the number of people who agree that the 8th amendment should be repealed and abortion should be legalised.

My personal beliefs/morals have absolutely nothing to do with how I vote or would vote on this should the time ever come to do so. But something that really pisses me off is the number of prejudicial and up their own ass people who do just that.

Barely a year ago there was a huge number of people in support of rewriting the Constitution in order to allow same sex couples an equal right to marriage. The basis for their (and my) arguments were that no one—NO ONE—had the right to make a life altering decision for another person.

Yet those same people (them, not me) are now lending their new world views and enthusiasm for progress to the campaign which wants nothing more than to tell people what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. People who used to be on the same side as me on matters such as these are now a part of the opposing force.

Instead of being consistent in their beliefs that all people, no matter who they are, should all have the right to freedom of choice they now believe that they get to decide the fate of a pregnant woman. That fate being whether or not she is forced to keep a child she does not want.

Generally speaking it would only be under the most extreme of circumstances that I personally would abort a child that I was pregnant with. And a lot of people who mindlessly support the Pro-Life campaign are most likely supporting them for that same reason. The ‘I wouldn’t because I just couldn’t’ reason. But they don’t seem to understand that whether or not you would does not give you the right to make that choice for someone else.

That is where people from the other side come back to state, “Well, there are all sorts of procedures in place for if a woman is raped . . .  she goes and gets the little pill so she doesn’t get pregnant. If a woman is at risk and childbirth will endanger her life, doctors are allowed to abort then.”

But what if a woman just isn’t ready for a child? What if she can’t mentally/emotionally cope with it?

“Well that’s what adoption is for!”

So basically you want to force a woman to go through the traumatic experience of having to carry a child through pregnancy for nine months and force her to give birth (which is the most physically traumatic and painful experience that any person can go through) just because you said so?

That is simply the most barbaric form of torture, and if you caused anyone that amount of physical or psychological pain (without pregnancy being involved) you’d go to prison for a very long time.

To put the facts very bluntly, a woman and a foetus are not equal. This whole matter is not about equality of life for all who live, because living means breathing and until that baby is born it is not considered living by dictionary definition. And if you want to get medically factual about it, a baby cannot live outside a womb before 23 weeks, so why are we not allowing abortions up to 23 weeks already? If you were to cut the baby out at that stage it would die anyway, so why force a woman to continue a pregnancy she doesn’t want?

Sorry, I’m rambling off topic. The point of this rant was not to discuss why abortion should be allowed, it’s just me trying to vent about all of the two-faced people in the country right now who believe that everyone should have the right to the freedom of choice except for pregnant women.

Well done guys, you used to be part of the solution, part of the movement to a better future for all . . . but now you’re a part of the oppressive (and let’s face it, church driven) system that seems to be determined to keep us under their control.

Round of applause for you all.

I hope you all sleep well knowing you’re on the side of the people who thought that gay people shouldn’t have equal rights . . . but now apparently unborn foetuses should.

This is another ramble I’ll end by saying: Just stop it.


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