My Weird Dreams

On 2020-08-04 by Karen M. Dillon

So, I’ve always had some really strange, and really vivid dreams. And occasionally have dreams where I don’t know that I’m dreaming or even realise that I’m asleep and then I hear someone call me and I answer in real life and they don’t answer back and I get really confused because I thought what I dreamed was real life, but then I confront the person who called me only to find out that I’m actually insane. (and no, I’m currently not seeing a mind doctor, but after reading that back realise that I probably should be)


So anyway, I’ve always kept little notes, or really long notes of some of the more weird/interesting dreams that I have because I sometimes think that there could be something of a story idea in there somewhere, so I make notes and hold onto them.


I read back through a few of those notes and I realised that there’s a major recurring theme to a lot of my dreams. And that is being trapped in a labyrinth of a house with infinite rooms, where every time you open a door it leads to somewhere different. So you walk through the door and close it behind you and when you open it again it leads somewhere different. And sometimes the staircases move, so, like, they don’t move while you’re on them or anything, it’s just like they were in one place and then you look back and they’re not there anymore.


I also say you and not me, because in my dreams I’m rarely there. Most of the time in my dreams I don’t exist, or I exist as multiple people, none of which are actually me. Is that weird? I don’t know.


Anyway, whether it’s me, or not me, or multiple people who both are and are not me at the same time the whole dream is about trying to find a way out of the maze house where everything changes, the house is also usually filled with murderous monsters. And I (me personally) always feel an increased amount of anxiety the longer it takes to escape (and most of the time, an escape is never actually managed).


Very unsatisfactory dream conclusions, possibly why I always feel anxious for no apparent reason?


If you are a psychologist who understands what my subconscious is trying to communicate to me, please let me know as I’m pretty curious about it.




Anyways, earlier (being a few paragraphs ago) I mentioned that I keep these notes of my weird dreams for any future story ideas. A lot of them are so jumbled, incoherent or just flat out weird, so likely will never be full on books, since there’s not enough content. But at some point I do intend to flesh them out in full and make a book of shortish stories that contains all of my weird dreams. I’ll post an update here, and everywhere else, if I ever do make that book.


Until then, live with the curiosity as you wonder just HOW weird my dreams could possibly be.




Hugs + kisses





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