Damn you Wattpad!

On 2015-07-19 by Karen M. Dillon

Okay so I’ve been super frustrated lately, because I have been unable to upload any of my writing things to Wattpad. I was actually managing to upload one thing a week, and now due to their redesign of the My Works page, I have been unable to upload anything.

I contacted customer support and talked to a guy who said that they were working on fixing it… 2 weeks after that it’s still not fixed and there’s been no update on the situation.


I’m seriously just so annoyed about I can’t even form enough words to describe how I feel. And I know that it’s stupid to get so annoyed over something so trivial, but I can’t help it.

I was actually doing something I told myself I would do, and now I can’t do it because of technical difficulties! WTF! I’m not even okay with that.

So I have decided to upload the first book in its entirety to my own website.

In your face Wattpad!

…but seriously, I hope they fix it soon. I like being able to upload things to Wattpad, it’s a good site (when it’s not having technical failures)


Anyway, see below for the link to Immortal Souls, the whole book is now available in the new section of the website I made for Free Downloads.

Enjoy. =)


This link will take you to Immortal Souls Book 1 PDF (click here)


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